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Worth More than 4

During my first year of teaching I faced many challenges, but one of the hardest was when I had to tell my 7th grade students that one of their classmates had passed away.  They knew he had been fighting cancer for some time, but it still came as a shock. He wasn’t the first kid I had […]

Week 1: Hey, what’s up, hello

In real life I can be quiet and introverted in some situations. In other situations I can be very talkative and possibly even obnoxious.  It depends upon who I am with and what is going on.  I suppose that is similar to my writing.  Depending on my purpose (persuade, inform, or entertain) and my audience, […]

My To Read is Getting TOO LONG!

Hello again.  I have been working my way through your comments, but there are a lot of you, and my internet isn’t the best here.  Sorry if I haven’t replied to you yet. I might be too busy reading Harry Potter. via GIPHY A few things about my blog. I will probably try out a […]

Hello 8 Respect!

I’m finally getting a chance to get this blog up and running.  We will be joining the blogging challenge, and it starts at the beginning of October.  We need to get ready! A lot of you have probably heard of blogs (Web-log) or even vlogs (video-log).  As part of this class you will become a […]

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