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Hello! I am an 8th grade Language Arts teacher.  I have taught 7th grade Reading before, but I think I like Language Arts better.  I love to see the students’ writing! One thing I miss about being a 7th grade teacher is seeing my students the next year.  Once 8th graders leave, I don’t see them very often.  I always love when a student stops in to visit.  Although, I am terrible with names, so I may not know their name if it is past October of the next year!

I’ve live in the same town that I grew up in, but I did leave for a few years to go to college.  I like my town, and I love my school.  We have some really great students! I sometimes wish I lived in a bigger town, just so there would be more variety in restaurants and shops.  We have some great local places, but I would also like to have an Indian place, or a sushi restaurant nearby!

I like to read, and I watch WAY too much tv.  I think I love tv and movies because I love stories.  It doesn’t matter if it is a book, play, tv show, or movie, I love to watch and read stories.  I also like to teach myself something new each year, so I’ve taught myself how to knit, crochet, do nail art, sew, quill, and do some paper crafts.  I don’t have very good drawing skills, so I have to find other ways to be creative.  I also have very poor singing skills, but I still do that ALL the time.

Blogging is a great way to express ourselves as individuals, and to make connections with students around the world.  I love that the students have such an easy way to publish their writing and have someone other than me to read it. There are a lot of creative, funny, smart kids on my team, so check out their blogs on the sidebar!


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  1. Dear Mrs. Black,

    I am a middle school student at Hongwanji Mission School in Hawaii and enjoyed reading your About Me page. I think that it is cool that you love to watch tv and movies. The picture on your page is really creative!


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