Week 1: Hey, what’s up, hello

In real life I can be quiet and introverted in some situations. In other situations I can be very talkative and possibly even obnoxious.  It depends upon who I am with and what is going on.  I suppose that is similar to my writing.  Depending on my purpose (persuade, inform, or entertain) and my audience, my “voice” can change quite a bit.


I read a lot of different forums, and I am usually more of a “lurker.” That sounds creepier than it is.


It just means I will read (or listen) to others, rather than talk a lot.  Just like in real life however, that depends on the situation. On Facebook and Twitter I post fairly regularly, I’m still getting into the habit with twitter.  With Tumblr and Instagram I usually just look at other people’s posts and don’t post much myself.


Now I’m excited to create my avatar. I’m not sure what I want to use.  Although, I do really like my cute cat picture! I guess I’ll have to play around with the different sites and see if I like anything better than my cat.  I could use one as my blog avatar and one as my user avatar. Here are some options.  Vote for the one you like the best, and I will use it.

hero avatar Lego Avatar wildthing

I can’t wait to be back, I should see you guys on Monday!!!!


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  1. I like this one because it looks fun. It reminds me about this one because it tell me that i will have fun doing it.

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